Accurately Qualify & Monitor Trucking Companies

Carrier411 is the ultimate big data platform for brokers, shippers, and qualified logistics professionals. We deliver the most accurate and comprehensive information to qualify trucking companies based on their performance, safey, FMCSA compliance, and other critical metrics.

Improve How You Qualify Motor Carriers Using Big Data.

As the first carrier monitoring service, we introduced a better way to qualify carriers way back in 2005, and we continue to innovate. Get the competitive advantage you need to choose the best carriers in today’s challenging freight market.

“Carrier411 is the Platform of Choice for Logistics Professionals.”

Research Trucking Companies & Qualify Carriers in a Snap

Easily find trucking companies and unlock hidden capacity. Increase productivity and quickly identify reliable carriers. Improve operations, protect your business, and safeguard your customers. Reduce the changes of working with carriers that cancel loads, double broke loads, and hold loads hostage.

See How it Works

When it comes to selecting the best trucking companies, we know that there’s a lot of important information you must consider to make the right hiring decisions. Carrier411 has everything you need to research trucking companies and perform due diligence. We make vetting carriers as simple as looking up their MC number.

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Get the Most Accurate & Complete FMCSA Data Available.

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  • Carrier Locater
  • Lane Locator
  • Broker Locator
  • Interstate Carriers
  • Research Carriers
  • Historical FMCSA Data
  • Qualification Settings
  • Carrier Qualification
  • Essential Due Diligence
  • Carrier Report Card
  • Custom Reports
  • Custom Email Alerts
  • Carrier Onboarding
  • Carrier Monitoring
  • FMCSA Authority Data
  • FMCSA Basic Scores
  • Carrier Safety Ratings
  • FMCSA OOS Data
  • Freight Guard Reports
  • Fraud Prevention
  • Chameleon Carriers
  • Specialized Carriers
  • Canadian Carriers
  • Mexican Carriers
  • FMCSA Inspection Data
  • FMSCA Violation Data
  • FMCSA Crash Data
  • Truck VIN Numbers
  • Trailer VIN Numbers
  • License Plate Numbers
  • FMCSA Census Data
  • Export FMCSA Data
  • API Integration
  • Highly Skilled Team
  • Rock Star Service
  • Expert User Training

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Our friendly team members are available 9AM – 6PM EST Monday – Friday. Please keep in mind that Carrier411 is a service for brokers, shippers, and qualified logistics industry professionals. It is not a service for trucking companies.